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Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ oil


An advanced formulation of essential oils and red berry make Trilogy Rosehip Oil AntiOxidant + the most effective totally natural skin loving product there is. A careful blend that works synergistically to replenish and renew the skin so it is at it’s optimum radiance – while the anti-oxidant protects from external aggressors

A powerful, certified organic beauty oil
Helps stimulate skin's natural production of line-plumping hyaluronic acid
Reinforces the natural support structure of skin
Why Use
This advanced Rosapene™ formulation combines essential fatty acid rich rosehip oil with super antioxidants from acai, tomato seed and cranberry to nourish and help replenish skin softness for the improved look of elasticity, while also helping to provide a protective moisture barrier against environmental damage. The result with continued use being healthier, younger looking skin.