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Milk of Magnesia 200ml


Milk of Magnesia is an oral suspension of 415mg Magnesium Hydroxide per 5ml.

It provides gentle soothing relief from upset stomach and indigestion. It also neutralises excess stomach acid and can be used for constipation.

Ingredients: Magnesium Hydroxide, also contains Glycerol, oil of peppermint, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium saccharin, water. Contains 0.7mg/5ml of sodium.

Dosage for upset stomach & indigestion:

- Adults & Children over 12 years: Take one to two 5ml spoonfuls, repeat as necessary to a maximum of 12 spoonfuls in 24hours 

- Children (6-11 years): Give one 5ml spoonful, repeat as necessary to a maximum of six 5ml spoonfuls in 24hours.

Dosage for constipation:

- Adults & Children over 12 years: Take six to nine 5ml spoonfuls at bedtime. Repeat nightly, reducing dose until constipation is relieved.

- Children (2-11 years): Give one to two 5ml spoonfuls at bedtime. If laxative dose is needed everyday or there is persistent abdominal pain, consult your doctor. Not to be given to children except under medical advice.