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Junior Revive - 20 Sachets


As your child begins to grow, their bodies need all the support and nourishment they can get for healthy development. Junior Revive contains vitamins & minerals which support the heart, the immune system, bones, and brain function.

Enriched with 18 essential vitamins & minerals, including Iron, Copper & Vitamins B, C, D & A to support your children’s immune system, growing bones, mental performance & heart health. Starting each school day with Junior Revive means your child is receiving a sachet packed full of vitamins & minerals to support them with this simple routine every school morning, getting your child’s daily vitamins in before the school day starts. Simply pour in & stir – no fuss over the flavour just happy, healthy children.

Benefits & features:

  • Contains Wellmune by The Kerry Group.

  • Delivers 5 fruit & vegetable extracts including prebiotic fibre.

  • 18 essential vitamins & minerals.

  • Is suitable for vegans, vegetarians & has no added sugar.

  • Unflavoured- Junior Revive powder mixes easily into your child’s favourite  juice, yogurt or cereal.


How to take:

  1. Take one sachet per day Monday to Friday (Can be taken every day if needed).
  2. Add contents of sachet to food or beverage of your choice.
  3. Take with or after food.