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Bloateze - 20 tablets


Bloateze is a combination of 2 active ingredients Simethicone & Charcoal (activated carbon)

Each tablet is oval shaped and is a double-layered tablet. It is also black in colour, because it contains charcoal.

Each tablet contains 50mg of Simethicone and 300mg of Charcoal.

Bloateze is not absorbed into the bloodstream. It gets to work in your stomach and bowel while passing through your digestive system. Simethicone
Simethicone is called an “anti-foaming” or “anti-surfactant” agent; it works by breaking up the wind that causes bloating. Foam allows trapped gas to be passed.

Begins to work in 15 minutes to treat symptoms related to stomach bloating or intestinal bloating. Helps to relieve trapped gas, pain, cramps and flatulence.