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Nuxe Multi Usage Compact Bronzing Powder


Multi-Usage Compact Bronzing Powder
Bronzing Powder - Face and body

In summer or winter, this multi-usage face and body powder with Jasmine Flower gives an instant healthy glow, a sun-kissed effect, enhances tan and illuminates the complexion. Its light-as-air texture means it brushes on like a sunbeam. Enhances skin for a radiant glow.

Your skin glows with a stunning new radiance, while your tan is revived and naturally even.
Experiment with the Bronzing Powder at your leisure: a light glow over the cheeks as a blusher or over the face and body for a natural tan result.
This multi-purpose powder can be used in summer and in winter for an instant healthy glow, or to intensify your tan. It illuminates (Optical Correcting Pigments, Micronized Pearly Pigments and protects the complexion (Vitamin E, Ceramide, natural Bisabolol). The skin is enhanced and radiant; the tan is revived and even.

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